Mould Curtains

Prevent Plastic Parts scattering around the moulding machine with Scatterguard. The patented new design Contains the Ejected Parts within the Mould Area whilst the roller blind action allows a completely unrestricted view of the Mould Face. Scatterguard allows easy access to the mould with the Ultra Low Profile Design meaning that the mould screens can be installed even when there are lots of water connectors on the side of the mould. Supplied as a kit Scatterguard is simply installed with Magnetic Anchors and is easily movable to other Moulding Machines.


• Ultra Low Profile Design
• Crystal Clear Mould Screen
• Reduce Scrap Eliminate Contamination
• Ideal for Cleanroom Applications Increase Profits

Kit Includes :

2 x Scatterguard Mould Screens and Mounting Magnets