Sling with 4 Chains


Light weight but heavy-duty system, extreme wear resistance and longer life than traditional components.


•  Cost effective compared to conventional slings using multiple components.

•  Product designed according to EN1677 and PAS 1061, tested according to GS-OA-15-05.

•  Each component is Proof Load tested at 2.5 times the WLL with certification for each sling.

•  Each component is Fatigue Rated to 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL.

•  Each component is marked with batch number that links to the test certificate with full traceability to raw material.

•  Fully integrated shortening clutch and master link.

•  No reduction in WLL when shortening chain.

•  Replacement parts available worldwide.

•  Equipped with NFC/RFID Inspection Chip.




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